Saturday, January 29, 2011

One step forward, two steps back

When I started painting up the Zeppelin troops, I discovered that the gesso had left a lot of bubbles and webbing, probably because the bottle was mostly empty and had dried out a bit. Fortunately, I've got a new bottle waiting. So they went in the drink (Simple Green) for a bit, spent some time under a brush, and are ready to be rebased and primed again.

That's life, I guess. I've been getting some other things ready to paint as well.


CPBelt said...

Gesso tends to web no matter the age of the gesso. I blow on those areas while the gesso is drying, eliminating the webbing. This is the only downside to gesso.

Bill said...

Yeah, I've seen that before, and that's how I deal with it too. This was more like the gesso slid down as it dried, the figure looked like it was wearing pants several sizes too large. Very strange.