Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And now the French

And now the French 'Nef are also complete.  I noticed some little things in the photos that I'll need to sort out, and both these and the British need clearcoats, but they're playable now.

As requested, I also took individual shots of all of the ships. Those pictures are below, first the British:

The Agincourt.

The Britannia.

Two Rawalpindi-class cruisers.

Two Cossacks and a Steadfast.

And, the French:

Two Formidabile cruisers

The Jeanne La Pucelle.

The L'Epee.

Two Descartes destroyers

Two Valliante destroyers.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

British Aeronef

I've been working on some Aeronef ships (Brigade Models figures) for a while now, and finally finished up the British fleet.

I figured people would be interested in the name placards.  Here's how I made them.  First, I made a table in a word processor, placing the flag images in each one.  I gathered the names from lists of period ships (Thank you, Wikipedia) and filled them into the table.  I then printed it onto a sheet of adhesive label and attached it to a piece of 0.010" plastic sheet.

I cut the  placards out with a x-acto knife and straightedge, then glued them to pieces of 2mm plastic "L" beam.

Lastly I superglued them to the back of the ships's bases.