Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And now the French

And now the French 'Nef are also complete.  I noticed some little things in the photos that I'll need to sort out, and both these and the British need clearcoats, but they're playable now.

As requested, I also took individual shots of all of the ships. Those pictures are below, first the British:

The Agincourt.

The Britannia.

Two Rawalpindi-class cruisers.

Two Cossacks and a Steadfast.

And, the French:

Two Formidabile cruisers

The Jeanne La Pucelle.

The L'Epee.

Two Descartes destroyers

Two Valliante destroyers.


James (J) Womack, Esq. said...

Very nice stuff. Are those bases the ones supplied by the manufacturer, or did you make your own?

Tas said...

Lovely stuff Bill. Your homemade bases look very sturdy - the supplied bases are very much a weak point and the cause of much angst and chipped paint!

Bravo Sir! Bravo!

Yours in a white wine sauce,

Tas said...

Bill - I put up a pic of your Frenchies and link to your blog here:

Now lets see some pics of your feets in action!

Thanks again for sharing your excellent work


Bill said...

Tas, thanks. They should see combat around the end of next month.

James, the bases are Litko plywood bases. I've got pictures here: . I've got a discussion of how I made them... somewhere, I can't remember where. I'll see about rewriting it on this blog some time soon.