Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Week project, day five

This really should be day four, since I couldn't paint yesterday, but I'll be a good boy.  :)

As I said before, today I painted unit badges (I know that's not the right word, but my brain isn't cooperating at the moment) and other bits I'd missed before.  The Javelin launcher tubes (back row) were painted with Ceramcoat's Green Sea to get a subtle difference form the uniforms.  The sniper teams' hats got the same color as their uniforms.  Badges are a black circle with a Rain Grey dot in the center; at this size, any more detail than that wouldn't be visible.  Pictures are below.

Tomorrow, after all the paint dries completely, I'll give everyone a coat of Future.  And then Friday they'll get the dip, and I'll be done with them.  Once I have a stack of figures ready I'll hit them all with a matte coat, and then I'll worry about basing.

EDIT:  Rather than spamming RSS feeds with little of interest, I'll just say here that day six looks just like day 5, except shinier.  Tomorrow should be more interesting.

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