Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Week project, day two

For day two I painted pants and sleeves green on most of the figures getting green uniforms, though I didn't manage to get the last five done.  The green appears too light now, but I plan to finish these off with a dip and that should get it to about the right shade.

(click to view larger) 

I'm pleased with my progress so far.  Tomorrow's plan is to finish the last guys getting green uniforms and start on the flesh.


Deano said...

Exactly how many figures are you doing?

Deano said...

Just asking because you do realize McPhee did "15 mm" figures. Yours look like 28mm. There is a VAST difference in time and effort required to do 250 figures in 28mm and 250 in 15mm.

Not to discourage you but I would have limited your effort to about 20 figures top.

However I am interested on what progress you make going into Day 3.

Bill said...

These are 15mm figures, but I only have 61 of them. Baby steps. :)