Sunday, January 17, 2010


I've realized that I haven't been keeping this updated, or getting much work done on much of anything for a while. No real reason for it, I'm just easily distracted. Thus, in addition to the usual New Years' resolution failures (lose weight, keep up with the housekeeping, etc.) I've also resolved to put paint on figures every day I'm at home and to update the blog at least monthly. So, to further that, photos of the month's work.

First, some German Aeronef from Brigade Models, ordered from Wizard's Workshop.

(As usual, click on the pictures for larger versions.)
This is the German Fleet Pack #3, mostly completed.  I still need to detail the windows and finish up the bases with nametags.  I misplaced the labels I use for the nametags, and need to find them or get new ones. 

All were primed with Liquitex grey gesso and painted (Ceramcoat color names unless stated otherwise) with Hippo Grey hulls, Bambi Brown covered with Golden Brown decks, and Folk Arts' Parchment for the windows.  Tail markings are Black, Parchment and Vallejo's Flat Red. 

A Moltke class Battlecruiser

Prince Heinrich heavy cruiser

Karlsruhe destroyer leader. 

The pack should have had two of the Karlsruhe and a VA7 patrol nef, but mine had three Karlsruhe instead.

These are fun and pretty quick to paint up.  The tail marking suffer from my inability to paint a straight line, so I'm going to try to make decals (with the Testors decal kit) to replace them.  We'll see how well it works out.

We'll also see how well the resolutions work out.  Maybe I'll manage to finish up some of these other projects on my workbench.

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