Saturday, January 30, 2010

One Week project, day one

Over on MacPhee's Miniature Men, Scott posted daily updates on his project to paint 250 figures in one week.  I decided to try to push myself into painting more (or at least stay on a project until its finished), and try the same with some 15mm US Army figures from Rebel Minis.  I bought their Force on Force US Army platoon box (about 60 figures) to use as Stargate Command teams and mid-tech troops for scifi games.  I like the figures;  they were molded cleanly and have good detail, with little flash to remove.  They should be fun to paint.

I plan to have about 2/3 of them in the early series green uniforms, and the other 1/3 in the black uniforms that showed up later.  I cleaned them up for painting a few weeks ago; today I glued them to craft sticks, primed them with black gesso and followed that with a drybrush of Ceramcoat charcoal grey.
Figures hot-glued to their craft sticks. Click the image for a closer (but not particularly interesting at this point) view.
Primed and drybrushed.

After some problems with the hot glue not holding the figures very well, I grabbed some more sticks and glued the figures down with Elmers' glue instead.   I'll go back in the morning and touch up the spots where I scuffed paint off raised surfaces while switching them.  Hopefully they'll come off the craft sticks easily when I'm done.


Deano said...

I was going to ask how the "hot glue" was working. That stuff is really crappy with anything but clothing I think.

Bill said...

Usually it works well. I think I just didn't use enough to get a good grip on all the figures. Most were secure, but one came loose on about half the sticks and I got tired of regluing them back on.